fresh salad leaves mix on white background

fresh salad leaves mix on white background

You’ve been pulling 80-hour work weeks, eating whatever is in the office fridge and you have not had a complete nights sleep in a number of weeks. You are exhausted, grumpy and unproductive.

If this sounds like you, you are not alone. Some consider this the typical American lifestyle. You need a cup of coffee in the morning to get you going, and you need sugary snacks throughout the day just to keep you going. And you’re still tired!

Although this may sound challenging to some people, the best way to improve your life is to switch up the fuel you give your body. And this starts with breakfast in the morning.

Rather than a cup of coffee with a doughnut, let’s have a superfood smoothie with lots of greens. Even adding just a handful of spinach or sprouts to your blender can add a ton of nutrition. This provides your body and your brain with powerful, natural nutrients and antioxidants that give you energy and keep your body healthy and strong throughout the day.

There is not one “best” green smoothie. Some people like adding protein to their shake, either from a protein powder or eggs or skim milk or yogurt. Other people prefer all raw fruits and vegetables. There are others who like to add fiber and/or nutritious oils to their mix as well, like chia seeds, flax seeds or coconut.

No matter what you choose to put in your green drink, the bottom line is to get off the fast food and processed carbohydrates because they aren’t doing your body any good – and in many cases that can be making you sick.

But don’t think that you are stuck drinking green shakes all the time. Talk about un-appetizing. The good news is that there are several kitchen gadgets that make vegetable prep fun and easy – even kids like it! This is a key factor in getting yourself to eat healthier. Check out the Top 3 Kitchen Gadgets at

You might even opt for green supplements that you cannot find in your local super market. Go with a very food which contains the most alkalizing green veggies, grass and sea algae. These offer you with a natural source of vitamins, trace minerals, chlorophyll and other healing substances that your body needs to recover from the incapacitating lifestyle you’ve been leading.

Search for a superfood that is natural, that is easy to use and tastes excellent, one that offers you a balanced source of antioxidants, B-vitamins, carotenoids, phytonutrients, enzymes, dietary fiber and crucial fatty acids. or you can eat 5 to nine portions of fresh green vegetables every day. Make fruits and veges more fun by using a spiraling slicer – it’s great for making “noodles” out of fruits and veges.

Eating whole food will not only offer you great energy however will boost your immune system as well as detoxify and clean your system from the toxins you’ve been feeding it on a routine basis. You will discover that over a period of time you feel much better overall and have more energy that is sustained throughout the day.

Your thinking clears and you have the ability to get even more work done in a much shorter amount of time. You are increasingly more able to manage the mental bumps and swellings of your work day without losing your mood or being edgy with your workers or co-workers.

But don’t think you have to go all raw – or leave out meat. The goal here is to get rid of processed foods. One of my favorite replacement foods for unhealthy snacks is grilled vegetables.

Most of us know them as a common side dish to a potluck barbecue. But what about on salads? Or in an omelete? Or cold as a crunchy salty snack instead of chips or crackers? Yes, grilled veges are awesome, and you can season them however you live to keep them interesting and non-boring.

My favorite grill for this is my Roadtrip Grill. It’s super compact, easy to use and to clean. It makes cooking and grilling a no-brainer, and I can do a big batch on Sunday afternoons and have snacks prepped for the entire week!

Consuming superfoods on a consistent basis and making some other lifestyle modifications such as adequate sleep and regular exercise can really make a difference in your energy, mood and other health ailments such as skin conditions, allergies, headaches.

In fact, many people don’t even know that their annoying health issues are related to the exact food that they are eating. They simply think it is a result of getting older and that they have to simply put up with it. This is simply not the case, but you will never know unless you cut out the junk and start to experience the benefits of eating greens.